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Refresh your website and boost revenue.

There are several advantages to refreshing a website.

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the state of your website plays a pivotal role in maintaining a positive user experience, building your organization’s digital presence, and staying ahead of your competition.

A refresh focuses on fine-tuning specific elements, preserving the foundational structure.


Budget-Friendly: Website refreshes are typically less expensive than building a new website from scratch. A refresh allows you to leverage the existing site infrastructure and functionality, which can reduce development costs.

Timeline: A refresh can be completed in a shorter timeframe than a full website redesign. Much of the existing structure and functionality of the website is typically reused, allowing our designers and developers to focus on updating the look and feel and adding specific components to support new needs and goals.

Updated Branding: A refresh is an excellent opportunity to align your website with your current branding and marketing efforts. As a result, your website can be more consistent with your other marketing materials and reinforce your brand identity.

Consistency: Since the content management system will likely remain unchanged, your team won't have to learn new technology or establish a brand-new process for content editing. Existing content can remain in place without the need for a costly or time-consuming migration.

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"Hi Dwight, Trish and I want to thank WebsiteDesigner.com for creating an absolutely stunning website for us. You and Karin were a pleasure to work with from start to finish... you listened to everything we asked for; you created a concept that was perfectly tailored to our business and needs; you came in on time and on budget. We could not be more satisfied."
Bob Ventura
Completely Custom
"Websitedesigner’s project designers were amazing to work with! They are innovative, personable, timely and made the process of creating my business website easy. When I decided to improve the site I had created, I was apprehensive due to my lack of knowledge in the area, however that soon dissipated once I started working with them. I would absolutely refer their services!!"
Linda Bowers
Cole’s Dog Training/ Pet Sitting Services, LLC
"I hired Dwight and his team to design a professional and modern website for my moving company. His team guided me throughout the process and really impressed me on how quick they put together a top notch website for me. I will highly recommend you to all my business professionals."
Bob Romano
Coutu Bros Movers
"My experience with WebsiteDeisgner.com has been exceptional. Karin, my project manager, was helpful, knowledgeable, patient, professional and communicates efficiently. I am very pleased with the end result of my webpage and I would highly recommend their services to others interested in prospective projects with WebsiteDesigner.com."
Ryal Uy
Luxural LLC
"WebsiteDesigner.com brought our website into the mobile friendly world. Easy to work with; on time delivery; and on budget. I highly recommend them for your new or updated website."
Richard Westlake
Independence HomeHealthWares

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